Sunday, March 22, 2015

Erasmus Hall High School's Class of June 1931

Erasmus Hall High School's Class of June 1931, Brooklyn, NY
As I approach 70, I feel compelled to accelerate the process of digitizing family photos and home movies. To this end, yesterday, I dropped at Costco several reels of 8mm film, quite a few video cassettes, and almost 200 slides for digitization. This afternoon, I opened a box with rolls of oversized photographs. I checked the pricing online, and discovered it would cost me $15-$60 per photograph to have them scanned by a service. Then I remembered my Flip Pal Scanner. Using the Flip Pal, I scanned roughly a dozen 3"x 5" inch overlapping sections of the largest photograph. The original photograph is about 7.5" x 40". I stitched the dozen scans together using the software provided with the scanner. The result is shown above.

I only wish that the Flip Pal scanned at a higher resolution than 600 dpi. However, I decided to proceed with scanning the rest of my photos at 600 dpi. The ease of us and economic advantages of the Flip Pal make it more likely that I will finish my digitization projects than if I use a scanner that produces images of a higher resolution.

The back of the photograph was signed by a number of the graduates. I also created scanned images of the back and stitched them together too. See below. Visit Steve Morse's website for more information about Erasmus Hall's Class of 1931.

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