Tuesday, April 1, 2014

REMEMBERING CHAUNCEY STREET 3.Felder’s Bar and Grill by Pat Aronica

Felder’s Bar and Grill was in Brooklyn, on Howard Ave., between Chauncey St. and Bainbridge St.  The last time I was in that neighborhood was the summer of 2002 or 2003. The curtains in the window looked the same as the ones back in the 1950s. Felder’s Bar and Grill was just across the street and around the corner from where we lived. It was a place for the local parents to “hang-out” and have a beer or two after dinner or on the weekends. Although the owner of the establishment was of German decent, most of the patrons were Irish. Irish music was always being played.  A television was installed (1952 or 1953), and the men would watch the ballgames.

My brothers and sisters were older than me, and they were off with their social and married lives. This left me at home or “around the corner” with my parents. If Felder’s was crowded, I would sit at a table on the side and have all the soda I wanted. If it was not too crowded, I got to sit at the bar with my father and mother. Mom could not sing very well but she knew all the words to all the Irish songs. She would say the words and let the singers sing. It was pretty funny.

© 2013, Patricia Aronica

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