Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Remembering Chauncey Street

It has been over a year since I created a blog post, and I am still suffering from writer's block. Rather than leaving this blog dormant any longer, I am pursuing a wonderful alternative which presented itself at a family reunion this past summer.

I was reunited with my cousin, Patsy, who has written a poignant series of stories about her childhood, living on Chauncey Street in Brooklyn, New York. I was enthralled by the incite that these stories provide into the lives of those who I knew so well and yet so little. I look forward to sharing with you Remembering Chauncey Street by Patricia Aronica. On Tuesday, for the next 15 weeks, I will post on this blog, each of the anecdotes written by Patsy about her life on Chauncey Street from the middle 1940s through the 1950s.

Photo of many of my cousins who gathered in Andover, NH for a family reunion in July 2013. Many others, who were unavailable when this picture was taken, were at the reunion. Photo by Karin Huber.

© 2014, Cathy H Paris

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