Friday, August 24, 2012

Vandelism at Green-Wood Cemetery

The Parkinsons' Plot, photograph furnished by Green-Wood
If you have ancestors who lived in Manhattan or Brooklyn, New York, a must-place to look for their burial site is in beautiful and historic Green-Wood Cemetery. I found the burial location of my Great Great Grandfather, Henry Parkinson (1828 - 1870), and other family members.

This morning I was saddened to read about vandalism at Green-Wood. In 2003, my husband and I visited Green-Wood, along with my cousin's daughter, Wendy Marinaccio. We went there in search of Henry's gravesite and in search of the gravesite of my Great Grandparents, Andrew Nimmo (1864-1912) and Kate Parkinson (1865-1915).

We never did find Henry's resting place, but afterwards Green-Wood sent me the above photograph of the Parkinson's plot.

Here I am in 2003, happy to be looking for the Parkinsons.
Here is Wendy. We didn't find the Parkinsons.
Little did we know that we were just on the wrong side of the path.
We did find the locations of Andrew and Kate's resting place,
but were disappointed to learn afterwards
that we didn't find the gravestone,
because they were buried in an unmarked grave.

Nick is sitting in the air-conditioned car while we hunt.
He couldn't stand the heat.

© 2012, Cathy H Paris

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