Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Carroll / Merrill Mystery House

Mystery Photo
A few years ago, I met a second cousin, and we shared old photos. We both had a copy of the same photograph of an elegant, old New England home. His photograph was inherited from his mother. Mine came from my grandparents' album which had been passed to my aunt and then to me. Naturally neither photograph is labelled, and the significance of this old house to our family history remains a mystery.

My cousins grandfather, Harry Merrill, and my grandfather, Fred Merrill, were brothers. The brothers were both born and raised in Franklin, New Hampshire. Their mother's maiden name was Carroll.

 If you recognize the house in this photograph, please contact me.

Thanks goes to the Franklin Historical Society for posting a copy of this mystery photo on their website.

© 2012, Cathy H Paris

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