Friday, October 21, 2011

Meet Conrad Bals and Augusta Schulze

August and Conrad in 1888 and again, fifty years later, in 1838
My maternal great grandparents, Conrad Bals (1864-1953) and Augusta Schulze (1866-1947), immigrated from Westfalen, Preussen to Brooklyn, New York in 1887 and 1888, respectively. Although my memories of them are faint, I was fortunate that they were still alive when I was born.

Nine years ago, I created a slide show to tell the story of Conrad and Augusta and to share copies of Bals family photographs. I sent a CD with the slide show to each major branch of the family. Recently, my cousin, Michelle, asked for a copy of these photographs. Rather than burn another CD, I decided it was time to include the slideshow on my blog.

To see the slide show I created 9 years ago, just click here:  BALS FAMILY HISTORY


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