Thursday, August 18, 2011

Queensland Cousins Finally Found

While Helen Nimmo, was going to birthday parties in Brooklyn, her nine Queensland cousins were posing for a photo with their father, Jack Nimmo, and their mother, Jane Lawson.
John and Jane Nimmo and Family in Queensland c. 1907. Back: Harriet, Robert, Andrew, Jane (Finlayson), & John.  Centre: Margaret, John Snr, Jane (nee Lawson), & Mary.  Front: Bella & Anne.

Thank you. Thank you to Jeannette Finlayson, wife of my 3rd cousin, Arch Finlayson, for sharing the photo, John and Jane Nimmo and Family.
Helen Nimmo at a birthday party in Brooklyn, New York c. 1907

Since I was a small child, my mother told me that I had cousins in Australia. Seeing is believing. Again, thank you Jeanette.

© 2011, Cathy H Paris


  1. Hi! I'm a Nimmo cousin from Australia. I have yet to enquire as to which of those handsome Nimmo men is my Great-grandfather, but I will find out. My uncle just posted this letting us know that John snr and Jane were our uncle is a Nimmo, my mother was a Nimmo, and one of those guys has to be my Grandfather's dad. Pretty exciting!

    Judy, from Australia.

  2. Hello Judy,
    It is so nice to hear from a cousin in Australia. It has been so exciting to connect with family so far away. I do hope you discover which son of John Nimmo and Jane Lawson is your great-grandfather. Happy hunting.