Sunday, October 31, 2010

Clowns, Bums, and Superheroes with a Serious Little Bug

Mrs. Kramer, Aunt Gus (Augusta Bals), Mrs. Hughes,
Frances Grant, and Aunt Marie (Marie) Bals of Flatbush
c. 1915
Cathy Merrill holding Stephen Cidlowski and
Christine Cidlowski and Laurie Press
Happy Halloween!

I can't find any photos of my parents or their parents celebrating Halloween. That may be why I especially cherish the above photograph of my great aunts. At the time, my aunts were still living with their parents at 32 Kowenhoven Place, Brooklyn, Kings County, New York.

The next photo was taken in my parents' backyard in Valley Stream, New York about 1957.

Right now, I am sitting at the computer and waiting for the next group of children to ring the door bell, wishing my grandchildren lived nearby. Hopefully by tomorrow I will see photos of them in their costumes.

In the interim, the last picture is a collage showing my three grandsons, all superheroes, and our granddaughter, a very serious-looking bug. Two of the photos were taken last Halloween and the other a few weeks ago.

© 2010, Cathy H Paris

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