Thursday, April 8, 2010

Meet James Fitzgerald, the Tailor, and Elizabeth Graney

James, a tailor by trade, arrived in Boston aboard the Catharine on November 13, 1848, having left behind his wife, Betsey, a little tyke (Thomas), a challenging toddler (Mary), the baby (John), a son just forming in the womb (Patrick), and the memory of the infant daughter (Joanna) who had died a few years before.

As Henry Webster, the 34 year old Scotsman who I previously introduced, began building a life for himself and his family in Ireland, James Fitzgerald, the 34 year old Irish refugee, was struggling to find a way for his wife and family to join him in America.

James and Betsey were both from county Kerry.  I believe Betsey was a Graney from Killelton, a townland on the north shore of the Dingle peninsula.  James probably may be a Fitzgerald from Kilgarvan, a parish in Kerry lying adjacent to county Cork.

I may never know for sure when and where they were born, where they met, or when and where James and Betsey were married.  Nonetheless, with abundant hope, I shall continue the quest for the records which somebody will reveal more of their story.

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